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About Me

Polly Holyoke

I grew up in Colorado and love hiking, camping and skiing in the mountains. I graduated Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude from Middlebury College in Vermont and earned my teaching certificate from the University of Colorado. I taught middle school social studies for almost a decade before leaving teaching to concentrate on my writing career. I've always LOVED reading and wrote my first book, Rustlers of the High Country, with my best friend when I was in fifth grade. This remarkable tale about two little girls outwitting horse thieves never was published, but it did get me hooked on writing stories.

My husband introduced me to scuba diving, and I've been fortunate enough to dive all over the world. Like my heroine, Nere, I am claustrophobic, though, so I don't dive in wrecks or lava tubes anymore.

I live with three sweet dogs, two lazy cats and a very nice husband who puts up with piles of books all over our house. I love going to work in my pajamas and getting paid for daydreaming.

Five Cool Factoids About Polly

I've climbed 48 of the 53 fourteen-thousand-foot peaks in Colorado. I'm proud of that fact because I'm really a chicken about heights.

Polly on Wetterhorn

I've been bitten by a rattlesnake... truly! I was running in a desert canyon in Utah and felt a sharp poke in my ankle. Thanks to my Girl Scout first aid training, I knew just what to do. FYI, if YOU get bitten by a rattlesnake, you're supposed to stay calm, apply a loose tourniquet above the bite and seek medical treatment.


I can wiggle my ears. You can, too. Just look in a mirror and start trying to move the cheek muscles near your ear and the back of your jaw. If you're patient, eventually you'll find the right ones.

I've been swimming with domesticated dolphins in Florida and wild spinner dolphins in Hawaii. Both were amazing experiences! Spinner dolphins are remarkable athletes. They swim in huge schools and leap out of the water in incredibly high spinning leaps. This picture, however, is of a bottlenose who is quite a leaper, too. She really hammed it up for the camera!

Polly with Jumping Dolphins

My family actually has SIX pets: two spoiled rescue Chihuahuas, a sweet beagle mutt, two fat cats, and a very grumpy parakeet. As a result, I usually have lots of company when I'm writing!

Two Fat Cats: Ellie and Luna  Three dogs: Terry, Coco and Jeremy

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